Childbirth is a beautiful event

But just as a mother takes on stresses and strains during birth, a newborn takes on stresses too.

One of the most significant stresses a newborn experiences is when they are going through the birthing canal, especially when extra forces are used, like forceps or vacuum extraction.

Because of these stresses, the most common birth trauma to a newborn is strained neck muscles. But infants can also experience pressure on their cranial bones that puts stress on their nervous system.

Chiropractic care for infants safely checks to make sure a newborn's system is clear and ready to express health at its fullest.

It takes special training to know how and when to adjust infants, and infants are never adjusted like adults. The amount of pressure used to make a correction for a newborn is similar to the pressure you would use to press on your eyelid before it even starts to feel uncomfortable.

As your child grows and explores the world, they encounter new challenges.

A child takes on many bumps, falls and scrapes as they grow and explore the world around them. Many of these go unheard of, and even unseen.

Children are resilient, but just like how working a desk job can cause long-term neck and upper back pain in adults, repetitive trips, falls and bumps can cause long-term problems for kids as they grow.

Pediatric adjustments are very gentle and are important for children to make sure their nervous systems are fully functioning. Children are never adjusted in the same way as adults.

Common conditions seen with infants and children

  • Colic

  • Irritability

  • Sleeping issues

  • torticolis

  • allergies

  • Attention disorders

  • Restlessness



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