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Accountant and Powerlifter

"As an accountant who sits at an office for 8-12 hours a day, and a high-level powerlifter who often has to push myself to my physical limits, I can honestly say Sohan has impacted my life both in and outside of the weight room.

"Prior to being under care with Sohan, I was constantly going through an everyday battle from the pain I endured with a lower back injury.

"Dr. Sohan's work as a chiropractor not only reduced the daily pain I was in by a significant portion, but his advice served as life lessons into taking better care of myself throughout all aspects of my life." 


Matt has been in several severe accidents through sports, car collisions and being in the military for 9 years.

For 20 long years he has dealt with the pain - avoiding any traditional medical help & drugs. He was worried it would only make the pain worse! Until he took a chance on me.

Chiropractic's inherent natural approach to healthcare  made all the difference for Matt.


Levi is a hairstylist, skateboarder, rock climber and much much more! He has been through it all, from broken bones to getting hit by a car as a pedestrian.

Long-term pain can really take a toll on a person and limit them from performing at their best, whether its at work, sports or socializing; that burden is always lingering.

See how through a holistic approach to his healthcare, Levi was able to not only heal from his previous ailments, but also see benefits in other areas of his life.


Tanya came in when she was 7 months pregnant. She had slipped and fell on the ice and experienced right hip pain, inguinal (groin) pain, pubic symphysis pain and low back pain.

She also found out soon after that she was breech - her baby was positioned transverse or bottom down instead of head down.

See how chiropractic care made a difference in Tanya's life.


Jeanine is a top-notch baker and loves to snowboard and play softball! Her story exemplifies how we commonly normalize our pains. Although back pain and migraines are very common in our society, they are NOT NORMAL.

Jeanine had originally come in because of a low-back injury, but had also had low back and migraines for most of her life. After going through a care plan specifically made for her, her low back pain is now gone, and migraines she has had for her entire life are becoming less and less frequent, and far less severe! 

On top of all that, she has improved in areas like physical activity, diet and mindset. These are some of our pillars of health that we share with all of our practice members to create the lifestyle that they truly want.